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Lenovo N22 – Thoughts Part 3 – Final

Lenovo N22 – Thoughts Part 3 – Final

The morning of my flight to Las Vegas a month ago, I made the executive decision that I couldn’t travel with my new Lenovo. I was planning on bringing my Retina MacBook, and I needed to bring Dell 7450 for a user, and the addition of another laptop? The TSA would probably think I was a mule. I love the portability of the 12″ Retina MacBook, but it’s not a powerful machine at all, halfway through typing a line for an email, I’ll glance up, and realize that my cursor is still 10-15 characters behind, I couldn’t work for a week from that machine only. Ok, so now a 15″ Dell, and a 15″ Retina MBP? Sorry Thinkpad, you have to stay behind.

That being said, now that I’m back at home, I’ll definitely be getting more time to focus on this little guy and see how it does. Last thing I did before I shut it down before my trip, was to create a system image disk, so I can restore in the event of an issue. This definitely took me a few to figure out, remember, I haven’t used Windows )other than assisting users in the office, and basic Active Directory administration) for years. Some googling, and asking my more Windows-versed friends and I was on the right track. I now have a full 18GB system image (store locally and in Dropbox, 100Mbps bandwidth FTW) as well as all the drivers downloaded from the Lenovo site. This meant I was ready to try a Linux install on this machine.

The first decision, for many Linux users with a new machine, is what Distro to install? Now many users have settled on one main distribution they prefer, in my case, I prefer Debian on my main laptop, (although Fedora is growing on me), but this machine is definitely underpowered compared to my Acer, so thus begins my research into lightweight Linux Distros.

I’ve posted an article or two on here about my my search for a light linux distro, but I have to say, as I use Windows 10 more and more on a daily basis, I don’t hate it. Let me elaborate on that previous statement, (I’ve had more to say about this in other articles, mainly my post about leaving Apple behind and moving more Windows/Linux).

I didn’t move to Windows 10 fro Windows 7. I know a lot of users that were forced into the Windows 10 update from a fully functional Windows 7 install, and they were furious. I know that left a bad taste in their mouth. But for me, I entered the Windows 10 world from MacOS. And I’ve found I can do A LOT more than I could on Mac OS, especially as a power user. I entered Windows 10 voluntarily, I knew it was installed on this Lenovo, and as such, knew what to expect.

I guess the TL;DR for this post is that, I may stick with a Windows install for a bit. I have a Bodhi VM running on my MacBook Pro, and a Debian VM on my Windows 10 Acer, but for now…maybe, I’ll stay put. Who knows? Maybe 2017 is the year of the Linux desktop?