From Windows 10 to Xubuntu

From Windows 10 to Xubuntu

As those that read my previous posts about my search for a lighter weight/less resource intensive Linux distribution, my end goal was always to install Linux on my Lenovo N22 Laptop and remove the Windows 10 install. But as time went on, I began to get comfortable in my usage of Windows 10, as my larger Acer laptop was running Debian. I had some small difficulties running the games I enjoyed playing on that Debian machine, and even though I’m a tinkerer, I wanted them to work, and not have to fiddle with configurations and settings. With that in mind, I purchased a license for Windows 10, and installed it on the Acer. Linux, was no longer running on any of my machines.

I felt bad, I loved running Linux distros, trying new things, and I feel that the FOSS movement deserves support. I still had a Fedora VM running on my work laptop, but supporting a design lab, and a fleet of MacOS users, I still needed to spend the majority of my day in MacOS to make sure I was up to date with the latest, thus allowing me to better assist my co-workers when something went awry (and it often did).

Last week I had a discussion with my leadership in my company, and was informed that there are options for assistance in paying for IT/Technology certifications. Well this changes everything! My goal to pass the Linux Foundation’s certifications was now back on the main burner if someone else could assist me with the cost! But what about my daily use of Linux, surely if I wanted to pass a test in my Linux proficiency, I would need a machine with a native Linux install. But I’m knee-deep in Owlboy on the Acer…so my sights turned to the Lenovo.

I settled on Xubuntu, why? I don’t have a specific reason, I’ve used it a little in the past, seemed full featured the the XFCE Desktop Environment was light enough to run well on the lower specs of the Lenovo. Despite my worries with UEFI and eMMC in this laptop, there weren’t any issues I encountered with the install. Standard USB installer, reboot, reformat and fresh install. So far…I’m pleased. It feels good to be back in a Linux environment, and now my studying can kick in to high gear!

I’ll be taking some screenshots of the layout of the machine, as I rice it up a little bit, make if a little leaner and lighter to suit my needs, stay tuned!

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