Hard Drive Fixed? And Accidental Email Fix?

Hard Drive Fixed? And Accidental Email Fix?

So after an uneventful afternoon, after my fsck that left my laptop up and running, I shut down my laptop, and made my way home. With no need to fire up my laptop that night, while triaging my emails and Slack messages from my phone, I fired up my laptop the next day for the first time in a while….and initramfs. Well, shit.

So having realized that my Dropbox, Google Drive and email inbox contained most of the things that I needed on this machine, I decided a re-image was the route. Why? Not entirely sure, but I figured, blow it all away, and reinstall the OS and se where that leaves us. I had been running Ubuntu 17.04, and hadn’t had many issues, at least many issues that I couldn’t figure out, but I decided that the LTS was the best for me. If I was using this in production, I wanted it to be stable and stable for the foreseeable future.

Having started a reinstall, I made it about 60% through the install of the OS and we locked up. The installer actually threw an error, and crashed. Well, such is Linux? Maybe? Another failed OS install and I began to think this was hardware related. Since this was a corporate Dell, I knew I was warrantied against hardware failures, but really? A hardware failure this early into the life of the machine? Then it hit me, this was a 7450…the last model laptop that we deployed in the company that might have had a spinning platter hard drive. And that was the culprit.

Well Dell would send me a replacement, but I really didn’t want to replace a dead HDD with another, so I bit the bullet, bought a 256GB SSD and installed. Yes, I only got 256 GB, as I’ve said before, I don’t keep much on my hard drive, so save some money, don’t but extra space!

I decided to keep going with the 16.04 LTS install, and was back up and running in 20 minutes after install. I started installing all my programs again, when it came time to choose an email client. I installed Geary, and just for fun…I decided to install Nylas N1 again. I let it sync, and sync, annnnnnd sync. Then something surprising happened…it finished. AND I was receiving emails.

So rolling back to 16.04, something about Ubuntu 17.04 and N1 didn’t get along, but now, I can happily say that for about 2 weeks or so, I’ve been using Nylas N1 without any issues, aside from some blips with assigning labels/moving to folders, which in the grand scheme of things, I can tolerate. Now…is there a calendar manager available..?

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