Thoughts on Trump’s Election. A Few Days Later.

Thoughts on Trump’s Election. A Few Days Later.

These last few days were rough. I’m not quite sure what to make of this. But as I said, we’re not going to take this laying down. We will not get complacent. It started Wednesday morning, friends sharing some articles about how “it’ll be ok, it’ll get better” and you know what? That’s NOT what I want to hear right now. We’re fired up, we’re angry, and by telling us that it’s going to be ok, then we’re get complacent. It hasn’t even been 24 hours. How the fuck do you think that you’ll keep this momentum going when after 20 hours, you’re already settling into an “it’ll be ok” mood?
Protests Against the Election of Donald TrumpWednesday November 11th, I spoke out against the president elect. I am incredibly proud to have taken part in the protest in San Francisco, we marched from Powell Street down to the Castro and on to city hall. Why would you protest in a liberal city? San Francisco, CA of all places? The reason is because this isn’t what we wanted, so many of us in this city, in this state spoke out against this man, throughout this election cycle, and to see him as President-elect. It’s too much.

I know that a lot of people voted for him. 10% of San Francisco is reported to have voted for Trump, it’s disappointing, but in a city full of a lot of rich white men, I’m not surprised. But that wasn’t the only reason for this protest. You saw them on the news, Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, Oakland, many other cities, this was not only an expression of anger, of disappointment, it was an expression of support.
We spoke, we yelled, we marched to tell everyone that this is not what we wanted, we are not ok with it. We marched to show support for all those that Trump has attacked with his rhetoric. Muslims, People of Color, members of the LGBTQ community, women, just because there is a group of people in this country that think that just because Trump is president elect, that their behavior is ok. There’s been facebook posts, tweets, people being harassed, verbally, physically, this is week 1 of Trump’s America. He’s denounced the protests on twitter, but not the KKK parade celebrating his election.
I write this to tell people of color, members of the Muslim faith, women, LGBTQ, that I will not stand idly by. If you are attacked, or feel threatened, I will stand up for you. Donald Trump may be this nation’s next president, but he is not a president for me. He does not speak for me. I do not share his rhetoric. I will not be silent. We will not be silent.

The 18-25 year old electorate was overwhelmingly left leaning. This gives me hope for the future. We can restart this progressive movement. As I’ve said before, we start by being vocal. Speak out. Tweet. Post. Speak up in public and online. We take it to the local elections. We phone bank. We donate. We rally. We VOTE. When 2018 comes, we take back congress. We have two years to shake up the DNC, the sabotaged the Sanders campaign to put Hillary in, a candidate we now know (and many suspected) that couldn’t beat Trump.
Let’s get moving everyone. Act Up. Fight Back.

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