Where does the US go from here?

Where does the US go from here?

I wake up this morning in disbelief. Donald Trump will be president. If you told me that 2016 would have been the type of year that it has been, I wouldn’t have dreamt that the year would have capped off the way it has been, with a Trump presidency.

This man is dangerous. There is a reason that he was supported by the leaders of North Korea and Russia, and why almost every other leader in the free world supported Clinton, or at least, denounced Trump.

Let’s break down election night 2016. Democrats lost. All around. Our presidential candidate we hoped to carry into the White House, the woman who is without a doubt the most qualified presidential candidate in the country’s history, lost to a man who has admitted to sexual assault, a man who called all mexicans rapists, and drug dealers. This is a dark day for the united states.

This isn’t an essay about the bad things Donald Trump did. I’m not going to listen to anyone that wants to argue about anything about Clinton. Benghazi. Emails. I supported Bernie Sanders in the primaries, and I write this wearing my Bernie Sanders shirt. This is a post about what needs to happen after this eye opening election.

Moving from New York State, to California, I’ve been in a bubble. A lot of us have. Social media helps reinforce this. We only hear what we want to hear. Echo chamber. We made a mistake. We thought that those fly-over states in the middle US didn’t matter. But we learned last night there is a lot of people that we don’t agree with. And they backed a racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, homophobic man. Does this mean that all those that voted for him are the same? Just as racist, close-minded, etc?


If you voted for this man, you legitimized everything he stands for. You said that you were ok with the racism that he spews. The sexist things he has tweeted, written and spoken. And the majority of this falls on white men. This is what Van Jones called, a “white lash”. This is a rousing cry from the scared white uneducated voter base.

But this isn’t over for the left. It is time to shake the establishment to the core. We were mislead and let down. We will be vocal. We will vote. We need to keep this momentum going. I am relatively safe as a cis-het white male. But I have friends of all sorts of minority groups that are scared. And I am scared for them. But I will be an ally. We all need to be an ally. To defend those that now are in danger from this very dangerous man.

So here’s a call to arms. Start by calling out those that think it’s ok to make racist remarks, sexist statements, don’t let anyone get away with that. Then, educate yourself. Vote. Call representatives. Make your voice heard. This is not over by a long shot. We’re just getting started.

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