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AWS CodeStar Announcement – Gamechanger?

AWS CodeStar Announcement – Gamechanger?

I spent the last two days at the AWS Summit at Moscone West in San Francisco, I sat in on a few sessions, learned a lot, but there was a big announcement at the keynote from CTO Werner Vogels. It wasn’t brushed over I think, but most of the crowd seemed to be more excited about the changes to RedShift, Poly, and the other AWS tools. Don’t get me wrong, the announcements made were all some really amazing stuff, but I think CodeStar, Amazon’s newest development tool for building on AWS was my favorite part, and potentially something that could greatly increase time to launch for software and apps today.

Dr Vogels mentioned that although AWS allows people to quickly scale, build, deploy, etc, there is still a disconnect with writing code. We sit in out text editors, flip over to a terminal, rinse, repeat. AWS seeks to, in Chief Evangelist Jeff Bar’s words “make it easier and more efficient for development teams to create, build and deploy software.” Slow ones happen everywhere, setting up IDEs, accessing repos, libraries, and of course, the word everyone loves to hear, infrastructure. How/when/when do we test this? On top of this, most developers aren’t siloed these days, teams of developers write code in tandem, but this can lead to all sorts of security and stability concerns. While cloud based/serverless/insertbuzzwordhere tools have changed the game, there still is code to be written.

This is where Amazon’s CodeStar will change the game (in my opinion). Templates for EC2, Elastic Beanstalk and Lambda, in 5 major languages, (JS, Java, Ruby, Python and PHP). The template will take care of the setup and provisioning of the AWS services needed for the project. IAM is automatically configured, and as someone in the IT field, I can say security is paramount.

A feature I’m particularly excited about is the Project Management dashboard which makes it easier to track commits, deployments, builds, and among other things. Also configured automatically is the tandem services, like CodeCommit, CodeBuild, CodePipeline and CodeDeploy, keeping a CI/CD pipeline more doable than ever before. Coding can be done in Eclipse, VisualStudio, or through the command line, by connecting to a project’s Git repo. AWS even integrates Jira, allowing tracking of issues right in the CodeStar console. All your tools, right at your fingertips!

Stay tuned, I hope to do some hands on testing/use of CodeStar, as well as a short breakdown on some of the other things that Amazon announced during their Summit in San Francisco.  Head here to read the full CodeStar announcement from Jeff Bar, check out AWS CodeStar’s product page and user documentation