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San Francisco – 4 Months Later

San Francisco – 4 Months Later

It’s been four months. Early June, I packed up my little car, and drove across the country and landed in the Bay Area. It’s been a roller coaster since then, 2 more cross country trips to bring the girlfriend (now fiancee) out, and we’re all settled in.

Fully loaded lil' hatchback, ready for a trip to California
Fully loaded lil’ hatchback, ready for a trip to California.

I’ll be getting back to updating this “blog” more as now I have a bit more time, possibly removing the WordPress install, and moving this to a page that I wrote the HTML/CSS/JS for, maybe not, seems like a good idea now, but things can change.

It’s still a little surreal, my goals of eventually moving to California from the East coast, it’s finally a reality. 3 years ago I set a goal, by 26 I’ll live in California, well I’m 25 now, I came in early, +1 for hard work and effort.

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